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Providing Trauma Center Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

An evidence-based treatment for complex trauma and treatment resistant PTSD

I'm Kathie Overeem, Psychology PhD, Neuroscientist, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Facilitator 


Dr Kathie Overeem is not currently taking on new clients. 

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Alternatively, to find another certified trauma sensitive yoga facilitator please use this link: Find A TCTSY Facilitator 

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I'm glad you're here.  

My passion lies in integrating mind-body practices into mental health and wellness recovery. 

I offer individual trauma-sensitive yoga sessions to those looking to incorporate body-based therapy into their treatment plan. As well as training within yoga teacher training programs and for organisations. 

On this site you'll also find information on psychological research and theory behind mind-body practices that can support the transition to your next stage of well-being.

"I feel so safe in the space and very at peace after the practice. I'm so glad I found this and started participating. My psychologist and I have been talking about how it's allowed me a space where I let my guard down, and we are now finding ways to slowly adopt some of this less hypervigilant state in other areas of my life."

-Client from the 10-Week Trauma Sensitive Yoga  (TCTSY) Course-

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