Discover the healing and transformational effects of yoga 

Experience mind-body practices grounded in modern science

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I'm Kathie Overeem, PhD Psychology, Neuroscientist, and Yoga Teacher


I'm glad you're here.  


My passion lies in bringing the most effective mind-body practices to people that are looking for deep healing and transformation.


I know how powerful mind-body practices like yoga can be. I want to make sure that you experience yogic methods that are backed by modern psychology and neuroscience research, so you can access evidence-based practices that will facilitate the transition to your next stage of well-being.

"I feel so safe in the space and very at peace after the practice. I'm so glad I found this and started participating. My psychologist and I have been talking about how it's allowed me a space where I let my guard down, and we are now finding ways to slowly adopt some of this less hypervigilant state in other areas of my life."

-Client from the 10-Week Trauma Sensitive Yoga  (TCTSY) Course-

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